Musical Instruments For Veterans

Latest donation to HomeFront Rising expands the inventory.

Big thanks to Evie Oglesbee for donating a flute and saxaphone that had belonged to her deceased husband. She said: "I'm excited about these instruments going to help veterans. I have two brothers that are no longer living - one was in the Army, and the other was in the Navy in World War II - and they were just really special guys. So I have a real heart for veterans."

Restructuring the Warrior Mindset

Tent Hut is addressing the housing crisis and more.

On Monday Tent Hut co-founders Jose Pila and Pedro De Leon dropped by The Vortex, USTOD’s base of operations in Los Angeles, to plot strategy with Jeff Norman and self-proclaimed hugger Jeff Parker. The mission is to develop game-changing social services and housing for veterans and everyone.

It Seems Obvious

But that's not what happens

According to Steve Lamb, housing projects are almost always completed without any input from the people who live there. At lunch in Pasadena last Thursday, Steve said the first step should be to find out what members of the community say they need and want.

Mike the Music Man

Navy veteran launches a comeback in Long Beach

Multi-instrumentalist and Navy veteran Mike McGee aka Mike the Music Man arrived at the Villages at Cabrillo in Long Beach about a month ago without instruments or relationships with local musicians. HomeFront Rising is helping him obtain equipment and connections. The first acquisition is a Yamaha 12-string guitar donated by Grace First Presbyterian Church. Mike has been teaching himself how to play it at Long Beach Coffee & Tea, a veteran-owned epicenter in downtown Long Beach.

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